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In House Employees

Devices for
In-House, Remote and Field Employees

What Devices/Services are best for your employees?

Phones and Tablets. Phones and tablets continue to increase in computing power enabling many businesses to equip employees with customer service equipment to manage jobs, complete contracts and collect payments.

Laptops. Despite the reliance on smartphones, laptops are still a preferred device as they can be used like a traditional desktop PC in the office and also transported much like a mobile device. Laptops allow employees to take work home with them or work while traveling.

Cloud storage and sharing services. A recent survey found that out of nearly 10,000 information workers, the average employee uses 2.5 devices for work purposes. Whether these are personal electronics or company provided devices. Of the survey participants, 52% used three or more devices.

Since the average employee is managing documents and other data in roughly three different places, it becomes challenging to manage information on separate devices. The use of multiple gadgets such as smartphones, laptops and tablets make cloud-based means of sharing data a necessity.

Servers, Routers, Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

Servers Servers help manage networks, run line of business software, provide access to data and offer multiple levels of security and control for your business. On-site and virtual servers are two of the options available to companies today.

Routers and Switches. Routers and switches connect your devices to the network and internet. Routers perform the traffic directing and network security functions. We'll help you select and set up your network hardware.

Network Infrastructure is the physical equipment(hardware) as well as the software applications that support a business' technology. Types of Network Infrastructure foundational hardware, software, services and facilities.

Software Training

Software Installation and Training

Line of business software enables your company to run more organized with greater profitability. We specialize in selection, installation and adoption of new software systems. Our processes help your team adopt new technology faster.

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